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The inspiration behind Homeward is that feeling when you are on that last leg of coming home. The long drive down the gravel road headed toward home---to the things that matter most of all. Grandmas iris bulbs blooming at the front door, daddy's rods and reels hanging on the wall in the den, and that good old dog standing on the porch, waiting to greet you. 

Tradition. Spirit. Home.

The colours are rich and varied. Look for purple to teal to avocado, to pink and cheery red and rich gold. These colours, along with a group of black, white and greys will give you the right mix for any project. 


44″ / 110 cms Wide. 100% Cotton Fabric.


The price shown for this fabric is per Fat Quarter.  Orders of more than one unit will be sent as a single piece, e.g. For 1 metre of fabric order a quantity of 4.

Blossom in Pinks | Homeward Collection | Windham Fabrics

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